The main obstacle between you and learning a language is finding a way to connect with it.

We asked: Why is adapting our ear to unfamiliar sounds and new expressions so difficult?

The answer: It’s all about listening.

When we’re listening, we’re searching for meaning. The more we do, the easier it becomes to decipher the message. But more importantly, if we identify with that message, we’re inspired to hear more, learn more, be more.

The decisions we make to learn a language come from a desire to relate with the world and people around us. If you’ve made that choice – you’re probably on a journey to meet someone new, or communicate better with somebody you already know.

It’s so easy to say you’re just not a “language person”, but it’s so much more fun to say: “Ich spreche zwei Sprachen.”

And, often, when we attempt to learn a language – enjoying it seems a far off goal. Our first foray tends to be textbooks or, nowadays, app notifications (letting us know) that we haven’t completed the task of the day.

In our new podcast, by Chatterbug, we want to change that. So you can relate, and enjoy the language from the moment you start.
We’ll be exploring stories of human connection, through tales performed, then broken down for you, in your native and target tongue. We hope to discuss a little about language and a little about life.

Our first season covers beginners German for English speakers.
Your lovely host is Helena, and, Long Story Short is premiering this July on apple podcasts, Spotify and Chatterbug.

So, if you speak English, are learning German and love to escape through stories – hit subscribe! 

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