At Chatterbug, we’ve always emphasized the benefits of combining the flexibility of online language learning apps with the effectiveness of attending an in-person language school. Customizable curriculum tailored to your goals and interests? Check! Lots of practice speaking with friendly native speakers from around the world? Check! Take lessons whenever, and from wherever, your schedule allows? Check Check Check!

But there was still one major missing ingredient: the camaraderie and connections often formed between classmates in traditional language learning classrooms. In a word: community.

Until today…

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Chatterbug Community Forum! The Community Forum is a place where students, tutors, and Chatterbug staff can connect with one another to share tips, swap stories, ask questions, and help each other stay informed and motivated.

Why Community?

Learning remotely, by yourself, can sometimes be a lonely experience. One advantage traditional classrooms can have over online language apps is a fun, nurturing environment of fellow language learners. The same goes for teaching remotely versus teaching at a school alongside other educators. With the launch of the Chatterbug Community Forum, we want to create that sense of belonging and connection for our students and tutors.

The Forum

The Community Forum is a place where students, tutors, and staff can connect with each other over their love of languages. It is a place to come when you are working on Self-Study or watching a film in the language you are learning, and have a question, but no one to ask. Or maybe you just want a recommendation for a good film (in the language you are learning) to watch in the first place!

The Community Forum includes a variety of categories related to language learning, language teaching, and Chatterbug the company:

Learning Language (German learners, Spanish learners, French learners, Estudiantes de inglés)

Come here to share tips, celebrate successes, ask questions, or discuss anything related to the language you are learning! Have a question about grammar or vocab? Our staff and tutors are here to answer all your questions. Want to share a helpful trick for remembering German declensions, or a funny Spanish phrase your partner’s grandma recently taught you? Your fellow students will surely appreciate it!

Tutor Introductions / Presentación de Tutores

A place for tutors to share a little information about themselves with potential students, and for students to meet the tutors they will work with on Chatterbug. Like a Tutor’s story? Students can now also schedule a Live Lesson directly from a Tutor Profile!

Tutors Only

A virtual “teacher’s lounge” (only accessible to Chatterbug tutors) where tutors can swap tips and share advice about what works well in Live Lessons, what students struggle with, or even how they handled an earthquake in the middle of a lesson (it’s happened more than once!)

Chatterbug News & Chatterbug Events

Here are a couple places where you can keep up with all things Chatterbug including company news, new features, and information about our in-person events, such as our language learning nights and founder meet-and-greets.

…and more!

A final note on Community guidelines

We want the Chatterbug Community to be a supportive, inclusive place where everyone feels comfortable discussing language learning. Here’s our Community Code of Conduct which we expect all of our Community members to review and follow.

We’re super excited for this next chapter in the growth of the Chatterbug Community and we hope you are too!