Are you trying to find a unique gift for a special person that loves to travel but can’t right now?

Do you know someone whose upcoming New Year’s Resolution is to finally learn français –  or perhaps to perfect their English? O español? Oder Deutsch? 

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift this year that doesn’t require you – or the recipient – to leave the house? 

Good news –  Chatterbug has you covered! This holiday season, Chatterbug is offering gift vouchers for language learning! For the language lover in your life, Chatterbug is the best way to get fluent in a language, whether they’re starting at A1 or C2 or anywhere in between. 

Our courses combine private, online 1-on-1 video lessons with an engaging, integrated curriculum developed by language learning experts. Our language tutors are based around the world and available 24/7 so students can always schedule lessons at their convenience, and easily find tutors whose teaching style matches their learning style. We make language learning so fun and flexible, your giftee will be comfortable speaking a new language in no time! 

If that sounds like the perfect gift to you, our vouchers are available now in bundles of two, four, 10, or 20 video lessons, starting at €40. You tell us the recipient and the day you’d like the gift delivered, and we’ll take care of the rest. Or if you prefer, you can even print it as a cute gift card to stuff in a stocking or wrap up under a tree.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

This holiday season, make the chatterbug in your life very happy by giving them the gift of language!