With new courses for German speakers and advanced students launching today, the best way to learn a language just got even better.

Almost exactly three years ago, we opened up Chatterbug to our first public signups. At that time we had only one language offering, for English speakers learning German. 

Since that day, we’ve also launched Spanish and French for English speakers. All of these courses have allowed learners to progress from any level of knowledge all the way up to B2 (an upper intermediate level) in a language, entirely with our courses. 

In that time, tens of thousands of students have signed up, studied, taken live lessons with tutors, and gained certifications with our system. We’ve seen students start with no background in a language and finish our entire course, at the end speaking the language confidently and fluently, only to start on another language just because they loved the process.
But there is so much more to do. So today, Chatterbug is expanding our offerings in two major ways

The first is that all of our courses (English, Spanish and French) are now available to German native speakers. For all of our German speaking friends around the world, learning a new language just became much easier. 

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to sending your kid abroad to work on their English in these non-travelling times, looking to brush up on your business English, or like the idea of learning French in your spare time, Chatterbug is now there for you, fully available in German.

The second is that all of our courses are now expanded to include Advanced C-level content, complete with a new user experience. 

The “C” levels of language learning are the black belts of language mastery. Attend a University in that language. Get a new job – or a big promotion – that requires advanced language skills. Argue about politics, history, wine. We’ve hugely expanded our advanced level offering in all of our languages, adding over 850 new exercises across more than 150 new themes. 

Not only that, we’ve also revamped our entire user interface to match. C-level students can design their own tailored courses by choosing the content and lessons that are most relevant to them – whether that’s “Business English” or “le cinéma français”. 

We’ll be rolling out this new user experience to all of our users soon, but if you want to try it today, work your way up to our most advanced classes. Choose topics you want to talk about, build your own curriculum and practice speaking about complex topics in your target language today.

We founded Chatterbug three years ago with the idea that there should be a better way to learn language online. A system that was flexible and fun but also fully immersive and effective at teaching you to actually SPEAK a new language.

With our expansion into DACH and the launch of advanced language courses, we can’t wait to take the next step in our language learning journey and we hope you join us!